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ALL you need is blood

ALL you need is blood
November 15, 2015

At the top of this blog you will see a tally we are keeping of the number of blood transfusions I have throughout this process.

The first idea behind this was to raise awareness of giving blood and highlight just how much blood is needed for an ALL patient. Secondly we thought it might be fun to see how many transfusions my friends/family could give in the coming months and to emphasise the difference YOU can make to someone’s life! #GiveBlood #SaveALife

It was my sister that got me into giving blood, who is now on her 29th donation might I add. I received my number 10 donation badge through the post this week funnily enough! I have always tried to go regularly since then (excluding breaks for tattoos, piercings and marathon training) and I am also registered as a bone marrow donor (probably black listed from that list now though). I have always tried to advocate giving blood and proud to say I have got a few of my friends on the band wagon, but I am sure there are more of you who could.

We all see the adverts and blood drives on the TV, but how many of us really absorb the message of what one pint of blood could do for someone else. You see, when you are fit and healthy your body is capable of replenishing your blood volume within 48-72 hrs of donating, and then goes on to regenerate the required cells over a 3 month turn over time, clever stuff! Hence why most people who donate book on to their next one in 3 months time. If it helps, you get unlimited squash, free crisps and biscuits too!!

When I came in to hospital they gave me two blood transfusions on the second night and third morning, within 20 minutes of the first bag of red my colour had come back to my face, and my resting HR had dropped from an average of 78-80 bmp to around 63 bmp. This demonstrates how much harder my heart was having to work due to the stuff going on in my blood. I felt so much better in myself, and was ready to sign up for another bag… just call me Bella Swan from now on 😉

For more information on Giving blood or how you go about signing up go to www.blood.co.uk

“Do something amazing, GIVE BLOOD”

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Gandhi

December 11, 2015

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